🎨 Themes Packages

Themes packages are those packages that contain the React project used to render the final output (both in client and server side)

With Frontity, you can build your own theme from scratch matching all your needs or use a ready-to-use one, which will make it much easier. You can even install a starter theme and keep working on top of that.

Basically it's the same as WordPress, just keep working as you usually do.

Frontity themes

These are the current themes available for your Frontity project, explained in detail:

Third Party themes

These are other public themes for Frontity built by members of the community.

AWSM F1 Starter Theme by Aswm Innovations team:

Frontity Starter Theme by Alexandra Spalato:

Frontity Chakra Theme by Segun Adebayo:

Twenty Nineteen Frontity Theme by Imran Sayed and Smit Patadiya:

Frontity Dimension Theme by Matnard:

Forgotten Developer - A terminal-like theme by Divaksh Jain:

Copacetic Frontity Theme by Taylor White:

Fourothree Theme by 403Page Labs:

AG Tech - Frontity Theme by Aamodt Group:

You can find all the Frontity themes looking for the tag frontity-theme at npm. In order to make your theme available to the community, we recommend you follow these best practices.

If you'd like to see more projects powered by Frontity and WordPress, please visit our Showcase page.