Features packages

Features packages are those packages that add a specific feature to a Frontity project. They need to be defined and configured in the frontity.settings.js file so Frontity can properly use them in the project.

Most of the logic needed for specific features in a Frontity project are delegated in packages. Some of the packages contain essential features like routing and source, so they will be used by most of the projects. Other optional features (like analytics) can be easily implemented through other packages.

Official packages

Source package

This package is in charge of getting data from WordPress and make it accesible from React components.

Router package

This package is in charge of managing (React) routes in a Frontity project.

Render package

This package is in charge of converting HTML to React.

SEO packages

These packages are designed to get automatically all the data from WordPress SEO plugins and render it (along with the content) in the final HTML.

Ad packages

These packages allow you to insert ads in your Frontity projects from services such as Google Ad Manager.

Analytics packages

A set of official Analytics Frontity packages that you can use to easily add analytics services to your project.

Comments packages

This package adds support for WordPress' native comments.

Community packages

These are other packages for Frontity built by the community that you can use to add new functionality to your site (listed in alphabetical order):

Contact Form 7

A package developed by Aamodt Group to use the Contact Form 7 plugin with Frontity. It adds improvements and bug fixes to the previous CF7 package built by Imran Sayed and Smit Patadiya.


This package created by 10up enhances your Frontity theme by supercharging the search experience with ElasticPress.

Gravity Forms

A package developed by Aamodt Group that adds support for the Gravity Forms plugin.

Microsoft Clarity

An analytics package created by mtadros to use Microsoft Clarity with Frontity.

WP Job Openings

This package built by Aswm Innovations adds support for WP Job Openings plugin.

You can find more community packages by searching for the frontity tag at npmjs.com.

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