Welcome to Frontity, and to the API Reference documentation.

The Frontity documentation is distributed across three separate sites:

This site ( is where you will find detailed technical descriptions for the CLI, packages and plugins available in Frontity.

If you're new to Frontity check out the step-by-step tutorial. It's the quickest way to get up to speed with Frontity.

Let's kick things off by providing you with a roadmap so that you can find your way around the documentation and zero in on the information you need right now.

Frontity CLI

In the CLI Commands section you'll find information about the commands provided by the Frontity CLI that you can use to create, run and build your Frontity projects.


Frontity packages are the ingredients of your Frontity project. They're NPM packages in charge of a specific portion of logic required by the project (routing, source, HTML render... ).

You can learn all about the existing Frontity packages in the section entitled Frontity Packages.

Themes Packages

Themes are just a special instance of a Frontity package. Really everything is a package when you're working with Frontity.

The official themes, namely mars-theme and twentytwenty-theme, are dealt with separately from the other packages under the Frontity Themes section.


Sometimes a Frontity WordPress plugin is required so everything works smoothly. You'll find everything you need to know about them in the WordPress Plugins section.

The Frontity Community Forum is the best place to get community support while helping others with your own questions and solutions. To keep it running smoothly, we encourage you to read through this Forum Guide and search the available learning resources before posting.

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